NBIPFA had finished the programme of friendship day


Nepal–Bharat Indigenous People Friendship Association (NBIPFA) Founder/Chairman Mr. Binod Kumar Gurung expresses his views in an Inaugural Programme on August 6, 2017 in Kathmandu



On the occasion of World Friendship Day and the event of the eve of World Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we are glad to take this opportunity to mark the special relationship between two friendly nations Nepal and India organized by Nepal-India Friendship Association (NBIPFA) through this inaugural session. On this occasion our two friendly nations are going to talk about contemporary national issues and friendship theme focusing on indigenous peoples.


In spite of her busy schedule, we are gratified that our invitation is kindly accepted in this first meeting by Speaker of House of Nepal Parliament, Honorable Madam Onsari Gharti-Magar to be presided as Chief Guest, Special Guest, Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Shaba (ABHMS), Special Guest Chairman Mr. Chandra Prakash Koushi, Joint Secretary and Ambassador for Law & Educational Enforcement of the International Police Commission Mr. Vikas Mittra Sexena, Special Guest, Nepalese Ambassador to India, His Excellency Deep Kumar Upadhaya/ representative member Mr……….. Indian envoy to Nepal, Special Guest His Excellency Manjeev Singh Puri/ representative member Mr. ……, Representative of Nepal Parliament’s honorable members, Nepal Parliaments representative of Medeshi, Tharu, Anglo-Indian and minority groups members. We are also grateful for accepting our invitation by esteemed guests, including ex-foreign ministers and ex-ministers of Nepal government, Member Secretary of Nepal Social Council, Nepal Government’s District Administration Council’s First Chief, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City , Chief of Napal Defense Minister’s Supervisory Members, special guests from Indian Embassy to Nepal, all guests, retired Nepal governments special commissioners, secretaries, social workers, our organization’s chief and special advisors, all media friends, my valued colleagues at NBIPFA, ladies and gentlemen, Please allow me to express my warm welcome, good morning and Namaste to you all.!


One of the world’s most powerful, developing and the biggest democratic nations, India has a special relationship with Nepal, a sovereign and independent nation since time immemorial. It’s needless to say our ties between our two great nations cannot be compared with the rest of the world. Nepal has 3-side boundaries to India. So that we have special sentimental, social, economic, practical, inter-dependence, blood/bread and contemporary issues and relation. To refine and update inter- nations relation, it is necessary to integrate two nations’ indigenous peoples, which would certainly reap mutual benefits. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to organize discussion, assembly, seminar, and workshop and solve its past errors and rectify for the future. In order to gain win-win goal, we have established Nepal-India Indigenous People Friendship Organization in 2016. It is a purely service-orientated and non-profit organization and runs under the rules of Nepal Government’s act, rules and regulation. Today is the special day for us that we are going to inaugurate our organization in a formal way. We are so much happy that we are announcing our organization present and future programme with our most valued guests and independent intellectuals, freelancer, and garner stronger diplomatic ties between the two nations. It makes us more exciting and with utmost seriousness to execute our duty within the perimeter of our agendas in a professional and responsible manner. I am going to put forward our organization’s objectives and goal briefly in the following points:

Objectives and Goal:
1. To establish good and friendly relation between Nepal and India. Our organization ratifies pool works for that mission. NBIPFA key role interacts between two nations’ indigenous peoples from time to time.
2. To remove misunderstanding behaviors, rumors and negative attitude between two nations’ peoples. Establish Indigenous communities’ broad spectrum, awareness program, income generation, technical, creativity and constructive programs in the days ahead.
3. For the contemporary issues, NBIPFA organize arrange to dialogue with nations, politicians, diplomats, intellectuals and religious leaders, social workers, media workers and parliaments. NBIPFA’s role is to provide platform for dialogue and advocacy for the uplift of indigenous nationalities of the two countries.
4. For the prosperity of both the Nepalese and Indian indigenous peoples to participate and engagement in meaningful dialogues – is mandatory, with zeal and gusto and special organizational management.
5. To establish high level intellectuals groups from Nepal and India. These groups work for the welfare of both the sides. Moreover, groups work and recommend on agriculture, health, education, tourism, power, infrastructure, human rights. NBIPA works on indigenous people sector and uplift backward section of the two societies.

Future Perspective Program and Planning:
One of our nation’s most fascinating tourists destination sites is Ratnanagar Municipality in Chitwan District, where indigenous youths will be facilitated with various training programs. For building office I personally donate 2 Ghathas of land that would costs over two crore at the current market value , which is suitable to start with. And for building the office we request to raise fund from both national and international benevolent donors and patrons who care about humanity and boost the lives of the indigenous peoples.
Incorporated in our agendas, we are going to establish a Hospital in Gorkha District, essentially aimed at imparting free medical treatments to those down-trodden indigenous community people. The site selection is settled in Gorkha Municipality ward No 10, Tamu-Danda, 13 Kilo. For this humanitarian endeavor, we need to raise funds from different cluster and kind-hearted donors to materialize this vision. As for the hospital site I will donate lands on my part.
To develop science and technology in Nepal, we anticipate cooperation from our friendly nation India through NBIPFA and apply in our nation as far as possible and practicable.
In order to mitigate the earth-quake evil that devastated in Gorkha on April 2015, NBIPFA will take initiatives to rebuild residential housings for earth-quake victims. NBIPFA appeals donation from National/ International donor agencies and kind hearted patrons for starting new life for the poorest of poor and helpless.
Last but not least, we express our deep gratitude who are present in this meeting today – to our Chief Guest, special guests and all of you.
Ladies and gentlemen, for the weakness of the organizers, we appreciate constructive criticisms so that we can correct in our future ventures. I hereby end my short views on behalf of NBIPFA.
Many thanks for your time.