Examining the Hindu kingdom including the monarchy

Pandit Uttam Prasad Poudel

Author Pandit Uttam Prasad Poudel has brought a book titled “Monarchy with Hindu State” to the market at a time when Nepal’s political parties are becoming unpopular, failing to run the government according to the people’s sentiments and failing to fulfill the commitments made among the people. The touching verse Janani Janma Bhumashchi Swarga Dapi Gariyasi, meaning mother, the birthplace of heaven is the same in the original work that covers the pain of the common people. Born in 2036 BS as the youngest son of Vuva Pandit Bholanath Poudel and Sabitri Poudel in Thokarpa 1, Sindhupalchok, the author has not only shown his faith in Hinduism and monarchy but has also given a clear message that monarchy is again indispensable in the country. Author Poudel has jokingly argued in the book that the king’s leadership is necessary and that it is now inevitable. In this book, the author makes a vivid attack on the current regime run by the communist government, the current political situation in Nepal and the current suffering of the people. Which seems to have forced the parties to think. He also clarified the reason for the plight of the country today and the path the people have to take now. In the previous book written on Hinduism, culture and monarchy, after the monarchy was replaced by a republic, peace, good governance deteriorated in the country, religion, culture and culture disappeared, corruption and anarchy increased, rule of law was lost, political party leaders worked with the people in mind. The author has given various examples in the book that the people’s life is becoming more and more frustrating as they have been working only for themselves and those around them instead of changing the living standards of the people. In the book, he has tried to divide the united country by hurting the sentiments of 85 percent Hindus by including foreign agendas like secularism and federalism in the constitution in the last stage, which was not raised by anyone at the expense of foreign money in the name of republic. In the previous book, he mentioned that the sovereignty and integrity of the country is in crisis today due to the republic and treaty, the country is heading towards Sikkimization as foreigners are making the country a playground and endangering the sovereignty, national integrity and independence of the country. The author also said that all the blame and responsibility should be taken by the leaders of all the ruling and opposition parties. Why is he the king in this book< What did Hinduism, democratic kings and parties, communists give to the country< Development Infrastructure, Ethnic Culture, Foreign Perspectives on Nepal, Human Rights and Security, What We Need, Overall 10 Topics He has elaborated on issues such as attacks. In a nutshell, due to the short-sightedness of the present leaders, the country has lost its independence and the people have to maintain Hinduism, Hindu kingdom and monarchy to end it. In the above book, which is based on facts and facts, the author has raised the subject matter in depth and has also presented it in relation to time. Written with the help and suggestions of various individuals and organizations, this book seems to be a very readable and collectible collection for the advocates of monarchy, Hinduism, cults, cultists and those who are dissatisfied with the current system of governance. The book, written without any prejudice, has come as a collection of facts. It has not only taught a lesson to the present political parties but has also compelled the leaders and activists of the political parties, students of political science, independent readers and other intellectuals to study. Because in some respects, the present and former dictators seem to be helped even by Sachin from this book. The 36-page book, published by Olive Press and Design House, is priced at Rs 110. Since the references in this book are in the interest of the country and the people, the book is readable and collectible in all respects as the author has published the book keeping in mind the seriousness of the subject matter. May the writing ability of the writer who has created such a profound work become even higher. May his creations continue. From Renuka Thapa